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Swedish Massage

The classic full-body massage,this relaxing, therapeutic treatment uses long strokes and kneading of muscles to increase circulation and deeply soothe.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep,strong massage to help ease muscle soreness and tires joints from overuse or intensive exercise.

Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese service from the healing arts that literally means,"finger-pressure treatment."Using acupressure,Shiatsu provides healthful stimulation along the meridians or,"energy pathways,"of the body to increase and release vital energy.

             $10 off (cash only) body massage 1/H or M

Full Body Massage (Swedish /Deep Tissue)

30 minutes $50

45 minutes $60

60 minutes $80

75 minutes $100

90 minutes $120

Gold* Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes $80

Shiatsu Massage /Acuperessure 60 minutes $90

Full Body Massage With Cupping +$15

Full Body Massage With Hot Stone + $15

Full Body Massage With Scraping + $20

Full Body Massage With Anti Cellulite Massage +$20

Double Massage (Swedish /Deep Tissue)

60 minutes $150/2people

Combo Massage 

40minutes body+20minutes foot $80

60mintues body+30minutes foot $120


Foot Mask$15       Hand Mask$15        Essential Oil $8

*eucalyptus+peppermint essential oil

*lavender+peppermint essential oil

*arnica oil+ginger oil

Back and Shoulder 30MIN$50      60MIN$90

B+S With cupping  30min +$10

B+S With hot stone 30min +$10

B+S With scraping  30min +$10

Neck and Shoulder Massage        30MIN $60     

Facial+Shoulder and Neck Lymph Drainage        45MIN$75

(Include:collagen facial mask)

Anti Cellulite Massage      60MIN$100        75MIN$120