Hot stone massage can effectively relieve fatigue, relax the nerve, add energy, decompression Quasi, beauty skin care, body care, enhance human immunity, detoxification, slimming, health.

For pain, pain, acid, swelling, hemp, swelling, a significant effect.

Suitable for the crowd

◆ suitable for a long time the use of computers, mobile phones or other electromagnetic radiation equipment;

◆ fast pace of work, long-term nervous in the state of people;

◆ poor blood circulation; waist, shoulder and neck easy to stiff or pain;

◆ mental stress, need to continue to relax and restore the spirit of the people;

◆ often insomnia, apathetic, need to improve the energy of the people;

◆ low immunity, need to improve the physical person;

◆ have the corresponding disease, need to do the treatment of people.

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